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” Everyone has doubts about personal loan, payroll, financings or any other line of credit like Home Equity, Peer-to-peer, crowdfunding, pledging, loan sharks, what not missing are kind of loans, Phew! ”

It’s good to have you here! Welcome! At Sara Monday we usually answer some frequently asked questions as an article, so we help you and you help us by reading and sharing the information. It will not cost you anything, but for us it is of extreme value. Thank you in advance.

If you have not found the answers to some of your questions about the use of any specific services, products or short, medium or long term loans, please contact us to ask directly (here).

Our team of consulting friends and experts will be happy to help you get answers and also hire your first loan or your newest personal loan. Make the most of this choice of questions and answers.

Personal Online Loans : These are personal lines of credit that can be solicited, approved and released with short, medium and long term for eligible people. The money received is paid back in fixed and consecutive monthly installments in most cases, interest rates vary according to each category and modality offered.

The terms of a personal loan provided by our partners are usually limited to 12 months. But there are modalities of loans for each customer profile, so you can find loans with regular terms between 30 days, 12, 36, 48, 60, 72, 96, 180, 240 months to pay.

By being connected through this site with some online lender in the middle of the way, you will be able to define the why and how you want to borrow money, in the case of loans for people who are negative, for example, lenders limit the amount released from online loans between R $ 200 and R $ 3,500.

But as we have said in other articles, there are lenders who lend up to R $ 5,000, as well as creditors who grant up to R $ 2,000,000 million reais with the support of the home equity loan.

What it takes to get approved on a loan application

What it takes to get approved on a loan application

You may be approved for a loan even if it has been rejected by other private banks and credit card administrators in past orders.

We can successfully connect all users who provide your information through our basic form. After registering, choose the lender that we redirected to the official website or the application. Your connection may be with one or more partner lenders – this is not a problem.

The general qualification requirements are as follows:

  • Be at least 18 years of age, work legally and “live in Brazil”
  • Have a phone number, email address, and bank account in your name
  • Be employed for at least 180 consecutive days with the same employer
  • Check minimum income required to start online order

What is the maximum amount of money I can get a loan?

The total amount of money you can borrow as stated in another paragraph depends on several factors including interest rate, terms, terms, credit policies and even regulatory laws.

However, you should know at the outset what type of personal loan you qualify for, so it is much easier for you to understand the maximum amount you can take ex:

  1. Personal bank loan – take up the pre-approved limit
  2. Personal Loan for Negatives – Get up to $ 5,000
  3. Payroll payroll loan – get up to R $ 50 thousand reais
  4. Loan with property as collateral – take between R $ 500,000 and R $ 2 million
  5. Loan with vehicle as guarantee – take up to R $ 100 thousand reais
  6. Loan with lenders (loan sharks) – take up to R $ 2,000

Getting personal loan on websites and applications is safe

Getting personal loan on websites and applications is safe

When you place your loan application on a website or online application you are safe.

The information collected is processed by SSL-protected servers and several high-end Firewall that holds everything in its proper place. And to tell you the truth, this is not even a factor to care about, the encryption of data with the latest technology in the industry is what makes the lender or the credit company stand and operate online.

All procedures are secure, protect your data and your privacy in a high level of security, except for the sites of fraudulent companies, so be aware of this. If you’d like to find out more about how we use your information, visit the Sara Monday privacy policy page.

How do I get my money back quickly and easily?

In most cases, the lender (bank or financial) will deposit the requested funds into your bank account on the same day depending on the time of approval, or at the latest on the next business day, or on a few days as the loan application.

Currently our partners are prepared to do the entire procedure via 100% online web. Use your cell phone, tablet or computer with WIFI access to make the request and rest easy, no paper will be involved in the operation.

What if I have a restriction and dirty name on SPC and Serasa?

It is possible that one or more creditors in our credit network need to conduct the credit inquiry as part of the qualification process.

However, this will depend on the type of loan you are applying for. If your bad or bad credit, this will not be the main factor influencing the final decision to approve or reject your loan application .

The truth is that no matter which loan mode you borrow, as long as you can meet the basic guidelines and requirements, there is a good chance that you will be approved for one or more personal loans online, payday loan or secured loan.

How long does the loan application process take?

How long does the loan application process take?

Each line of credit has its financial products and services defined, usually what can be considered fast for one is time consuming for another. However, the service time is fast, most of the processing is done completely online. The search, analysis, and approval service runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As we were saying, it may take only a few minutes to fill out the form and request a loan, and less than an hour to process the request and complete the transaction already with the release of the money in the account.

What should be kept in mind is that the lender is able to make the final decision to approve the application of the borrower’s request, within the parameters that each type of loan requires. Some factors are beyond the purview of the financier, eg in the payroll, who approves the contract is DataPrev , the analysis time may take longer than 1, 2 or more days.

All one needs to do is familiarize yourself with the offer and make your credit decisions. If any lender chooses to reject the loan proposal, it is simply normal to ignore that request and repeat the loan application if necessary.

Do I need to get in with the lender directly?

Not necessarily, online applications and websites are self-sufficient to start and end a loan application without the interference of any human person.

This will only happen if there is a question that requires personal contact by SMS, email, landline or cell phone to regularize or request more information to complete missing and incorrect data.

Why would anyone need to renew the loan?

The most obvious answer is that the person needs money. And this is also real, however, at times, borrowers find it difficult to repay their loans within the time due to numerous unpredictable circumstances.

In such cases, most lenders allow borrowers to renew their loans or refinance for longer terms or extend such operations with lower installments etc. Each case is different.

This option may be advantageous for some modalities, but for others there are no advantages at all.

We recommend contacting creditors first to find out the real possibilities of refinancing a personal loan or payroll loan if applicable. Also, not all types of loans allow for renovations, perhaps one is more effective:

  • Credit Portability
  • Loan Portability
  • Payload portability
  • Transfer of debt or balance
  • Purchase of debt or something similar

You should first check the status of short- and medium-term loans to see what rules apply, and laws that regulate loans in each segment, category, and mode.

Need to fax information to complete the request?

Need to fax information to complete the request?

Possibly not, even more with an easier means of exchanging information and having email for free at disposal.

If you are using the online system of a website or mobile or smartphone application to initiate your request, there is a chance that this procedure is already included in the process before pre-approval.

Currently the entire loan application procedure is 100% online, do not worry about it, if you need to send information by fax for some verification, you will be advised by the lender.

Can I make more than one personal loan at a time?

Can I make more than one personal loan at a time?

Having another personal loan while another is in progress is entirely possible, however, you need to check the regulations to see what the chances of this happening.

Having more than one outstanding personal loan can be very detrimental to finances.

On the other hand, some modality allows taking an X number of requests at the same time, as long as the borrower has a margin in income, salary or benefit to the commitment of the monthly discounts due, in general it can not exceed 30/40% of the income.

How and when should the personal loan be repaid?

How and when should the personal loan be repaid?

Taken a loan, immediately on the first proposed maturity it needs to be repaid to the lender with fixed and equal installments plus interest, plus principal.

The repayment term and repayment schedule for the loan depends on the agreement entered into for the granting of the loan. The total of installments varies according to each type of loan.

– When you apply for a particular type of loan you already know the minimum term and the maximum term to make the hiring, try this when you place your order.

Can I delay the installments of my loan? What happens?

Sometimes delaying one installment or another is inevitable, but this is not good for anyone, not for you or for the lender.

When there are delays or failure to pay, which are two different things, contact your lender as soon as you are aware that your payment will be delayed. Why do this? In order to try to avoid fines, additional costs or injurious lawsuits.

There are some rules that impose payment within the deadline and on specific dates, and if delay, there will be fines, arrears and additional fees incorporated into the amount of the due installment.

On the other hand, if the installments cease to be paid, especially in the unsecured loan, the damages will be in your name and CPF, they will be inscribed in the Serasa / SPC / SCPC / CCF debtors list and even protests in notary offices etc.

With respect to loans secured by property or vehicle, after 2 or 3 consecutive months of delays, the creditor may file with the legal remedies necessary to obtain the enforced payment of installments and the remainder of the outstanding balance, in which case, to enforce the terms and conditions of the contract signed and assumed by the borrower.

Can I trust sites and online lending platforms?

We can not confirm the security and reliability of all sites and credit platforms that are operating on the Internet. It would be frivolous of us!

But we can tell you that our business partners are safe and reliable . In general, they all use high-level security technology as well as physical and digital protocols to protect their information as they are transmitted and stored on their servers.

Any information you provide will be used only to help you get the best financial products and services, as well as access the offers you find interesting to hire.

As for sites outside our scope, attention to the security of your data and information should be doubled.

Useful and Related Articles on Personal Loans

Useful and Related Articles on Personal Loans

Listed below are some articles that are important for anyone who is interested in hiring credit operations for borrowing money.

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Personal loan intermediation and financing

Personal loan intermediation and financing

Any issues that are directly related to personal loans online, should be questioned directly with the lender who has released your loan.

” Sara Monday is not a financial institution and does not grant loans for itself or frees money for users or consumers.”

Our job is to bridge the gap between you and the lender willing to release the money you need with differentiated terms and conditions, with security and legitimacy.

As for borrowed money, carry out your plans the way you want. We hope to have helped, related and specific questions, access our contact form. Good luck!

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