The development of a company usually requires significant costs. However, we do not have to deal with them alone, because we can decide to use loans and investment loans. What are these types of offers? How much will we be able to borrow? Under what conditions will we get financial support?

Investments are the best chance for development for the company. The construction of a new, larger production hall, warehouse in a future point, expansion of the business profile or entry into new markets – these are just some of the objectives of loans and credits for investments. Today, we can apply for investment loans for companies not only in banks, but also in non-bank companies.

investment loan – what is it?

investment loan - what is it?

As we have already mentioned, it is a financial product whose aim is to pay for investments made by the company. It is worth separating two issues, namely investment loans for companies and loans. Loans can be used for any purpose, while loans are already intentional – they are usually provided for the construction of a property or its purchase.

When you want to invest not only in real estate or in a different way, in such a situation, the loan will be the best proposition. Then the lender will not control how we spent the money.

How much can we borrow?

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Everything depends on what the investment in the business will be about. It is known that if the goal is a new property, then the costs can go up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of zlotys. Of course, in order to borrow such a sum, we will have to meet certain, strict requirements. When you want to borrow less, then the conditions will be more convenient.

We can receive an investment loan for a fairly long period. It happens that they are offered even for 15-20 years. In the case of loans for smaller sums, the repayment period is usually about 2 years.

Under what conditions can we get a loan for investments?

Everything depends on the sum we need. When the goal is to purchase and build real estate, then most often investment loans for companies are mortgage loans, i.e. collateral is a mortgage established on real estate. Other forms of security may also appear, such as a surety or bill of exchange.

Of course, the borrower’s creditworthiness is important – if it is profitable, then we will not have a problem with the loan. In addition, lenders check clients in debtors’ databases, including BIG, so any delays or deficiencies in debt repayment in the past may compromise the chance of getting a loan.

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