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As sure you already know the stores of IbiCred , the financial is present in dozens of cities and states of Brazil.

If you do not know, in this article we will list all the benefits and advantages of the new portal of (link ) that will uncomplicated your personal loan application with interest rate starting at 3.99% per month.

It is worth mentioning that good to excellent credit borrowers have the best loan options with much more advantageous terms. However, having bad credit scores, being negative or restrained despite offering higher risks, still yes, it is possible to borrow money at very good rates.

Here at Ibi you get the right loan and with great conditions!

  1. 100% online loan application
  2. Ibi Digital makes the analysis of the request within 2 working days
  3. Credit in account within 48 hours
  4. Granting cash amounts of up to R $ 20,000 in personal loans
  5. Application of interest rate from 3.99% per month
  6. Personalized proposal with installments within 24 months
  7. Personal loan with first installment in 45 days

How to hire the Digital online loan?

The loan application is divided into five stages:

  • Fill in the online form : you need to answer some questions in the online questionnaire, it is easy, it is fast and safe.
  • Simulation on the site : you do the simulation directly on the website, done that, you receive a personalized loan proposal. Select the condition that best suits your pocket.
  • Sending of documentation : once the proposal is accepted, send the basic documents necessary for the confirmation of the data informed in the online cadastre. The documents required to request the loan are: identification document (RG, CPF or CNH, proof of residence and proof of income.
  • Analysis of the proposal : the documents and personal data informed underwent a credit analysis for validation. If the proposal is approved, all you have to do is sign the loan contract digitally to receive the payment vouchers for the parcels. This analysis can take up to 2 days.
  • Receipt of credit : The cash deposit of the requested amount of the loan is made directly into the applicant’s checking account as soon as your credit is approved.

Ibi Digital Personal Loans online

With the enormous competitiveness of the credit and lending market, financial and online lenders are increasingly striving to differentiate themselves from traditional lenders like banks.

The IbiDigital loan application and release model goes beyond traditional models for lending, is free of advance rates or has a fully flexible interest rate that can be customized for each type of customer.

To know the status of the request has no complication, once the registration is made, the applicant will have access to the system through a login on the Ibi Digital platform . On the platform you can follow the progress of your proposal online and also via e-mail.

Digital Personal Loan

To make your loan with ibi you can easily request on the online platform that is the official website, or if you wish, Ibi indicates one or more of the 140 points for loan application distributed in all regions of Brazil, certainly has one that is near your home or work. Sign the contract and receive your credit.

The Ibi Digital loan is practical and safe. If you need money to help with finances, pay more expensive debts, or from day to day purchases, to emergency moments or to fulfill dreams, enjoy going to an ibi shop or order online without leaving home!

Digital is safe and reliable

Ibi Digital is an online platform for financial products and services, managed by Banco CBSS.

CBSS Bank has been in the market for over 20 years, with experience to offer quality products, and values ​​ethics and commitment to its customers.

How to apply for a loan

How to apply for a loan

To apply for your personal loan at Ibi, the applicant may consider one of two options:

  • Personal loan made through the Internet through Ibi Digital
  • Personal loan made personally at Ibi stores nationwide

First option of loan application via website in the Ibi platform, it is very easy, the form itself is intuitive and simplified:

  1. Registration and request page
  2. Filling in personal information
  3. Simulation, analysis and verification

Second option for loan application , just go to one of the Ibi stores in person and start the procedure. Take all the documents of personal identification: RG, CPF, proof of income and residence.

In either option the ideal is to check the real need to borrow new loans, analyze how useful it will be, or it will only bring in more debts and worries.

Reasons to get your personal loan

Reasons to get your personal loan

Personal loans are not a solution for most financial situations. generally borrowing money is just a way to adjust an inadequate money management, anyway. loans can help.

However a situation where a personal loan is needed, no doubt is when you have higher interest debt or credit cards with high high interest rates and late bills.

Paying interest rate debt, such as a rate above 15%, can be difficult because the installments and the outstanding balance are high, but when you have interest of 3.99% a month on the Ibi loan, it can be a great advantage to eliminate debts above this value.

Make personal loans with lower interest rates, help pay more expensive debts, and spend less money on interest.

Ibi Personal Loan Requirements

Ibi Personal Loan Requirements

Some of the most common requirements for a personal loan are:

  • Credit score: Most lenders require that you have at least good credit, clean name and score that stay within the credit policy when applying for a personal loan. Each lender defines its own terms and limits, and in the case of Ibi Digital, unfortunately does not release loans for negatives. For those in this condition it is best to apply for the loan at Crefisa.
  • imposes its name: Most lenders do not like to see record in Serasa, SPC and Boa Vista related debt and unpaid charges, financial defaults, ie, be a bad name. If you are denied and with records on the credit report, you certainly will not be approved for a personal loan at the Ibi financial.
  • Employment and stable income: IBI Digital needs to know that by lending money to a borrower, the applicant needs to have the means to repay the loan back. For this to inform a steady job or prove income helps in the approval of the loan application.
  • Proof of identification: In any place that grants a loan, a factor is basic and necessary, prove identity, to do this is very easy, just a copy of the RG, Driver’s license or passport.

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