Around 6.6 million people in Germany are considered overindebted. This means that they have at least one negative Credit Bureau entry and are therefore classified by the banks and savings banks as “not creditworthy”. A great burden for those affected, since the lack of creditworthiness leads to major restrictions in everyday life and does not necessarily ensure that a solvent life can be lived again.

Many entries in the Credit Bureau that are reported as negative have long since been completed or are based on a trivial matter. However, since the banks show little interest in investigating the reason for the negative entry and only making a general judgment, this means that loans, even if they are only small loans, telephone contracts, purchase on account and many other things are simply not possible. This not only paralyzes everyday life, but sometimes leads to people looking for alternatives that do not always thrive on reputable ground. This can quickly have serious consequences, especially in the area of ​​loans.

Because if you urgently need a small loan despite Credit Bureau, make sure that you get it somewhere. It is usually the credit intermediaries who make more or less worthwhile offers. If you are lucky, you can enjoy a reasonably decent loan. However, if you got a dubious provider, you often end up without a loan and also had a lot of costs.

The small loan despite Credit Bureau from abroad

The small loan despite Credit Bureau from abroad

It is not that difficult to take out a small loan despite Credit Bureau even under rather unfavorable conditions. Especially when the internet is not a foreign word and it works well, lucrative offers can lead to the desired loan. And this without additional costs and without a credit intermediary.

Because the foreign loan, which is often referred to as Swiss loan, is a good alternative to the loan offers from Germany. One bank in particular, Best Bank from Liechtenstein, has made a name for itself in this area. Despite Credit Bureau, she has been granting small loans to German citizens for years. And conveniently over the Internet and without intermediaries or credit intermediaries. Therefore, no one has to worry that the loans offered are somehow dubious and opaque. Because all offers come directly from the bank and all conditions and agreements relating to the loan can also be made and discussed directly with the bank. And that is by phone, email or by post.

What can the small loan do despite Credit Bureau from abroad?

What can the small loan do despite Credit Bureau from abroad?

As the name suggests, it is a small loan with a maximum loan amount of 5,000 USD. The conditions around the loan are perfectly acceptable, even if the effective interest rate is slightly above the interest rate level that we know from Germany.

The loan is taken out directly over the Internet. A trip to Liechtenstein is therefore not necessary. All information about the loan can be found on the bank’s website. And that without registration and without storing personal data. So it is possible for everyone to get detailed information about the offer without leaving any “traces”.

Personal information about the person and the income are only necessary when the loan application is made. The relevant forms can also be found on the bank’s website. Payment will be made to a previously specified reference account within a few days. There is no entry in the Credit Bureau.

Alternatively, a personal loan would also be an option. However, you never know who is behind the loan offer and many private loans are only offered through credit intermediaries, who of course have their support in borrowing paid for in a princely manner.

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