Monthly Archives: June 2020

‘Government must help industry with monetary support and easy loans’: The Tribune India

SUKHDEV RAJ, MD, Victor Forgings, Jalandhar believes that it will take a Herculean effort to keep the industry going amid the Covid-19 pandemic and it cannot be done without government assistance. The 85-year-old industrialist, who has seen the industry go through many turbulent times over the past decades, believes government …

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Covid financial crisis hits easy lending

This has been, in part, fueled by the proliferation of numerous online lending platforms. Given the quick turnaround of these platforms, combined with the limited amount of documents required, they have become a favorite, especially among students and young professionals. All of that seems to be changing since the covid-19 …

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Loans from app-based lenders can hit you hard

Everything went well when everything was fine. In a rush to get easy loans, many have overlooked the interest rates, penalties, and track record of these lenders. Many began by borrowing small amounts ( ₹500 to ₹50,000), but as their dependency grew, they ended up taking out multiple loans until …

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