After Manchin tank talks, climate action shifts to life support

Manchin seemed to leave a glimmer of hope for the passage of climate legislation this year, but said that would have to wait until the current inflation spurt subsides. And the provisions he said he would support are, according to nonpartisan climate scientists and political analysts, insufficient to avoid some of the worst consequences of climate change.

In addition to representing West Virginia, which still depends on coal for important jobs and most of its power generation, Manchin has received substantial revenue and campaign funds from fossil fuel industries.

He reported $491,949 in revenue from a coal company based in Fairmont, W.Va., in a 2020 financial disclosure, which said the company was worth between $1 million and $5 million. He is the top recipient in the Senate, according to OpenSecrets, a watchdog group that tracks money in politics, of campaign contributions this election cycle from the following industries: coal mining, mining, natural gas transportation and gas distribution. oil and gas.

Coupled with a lack of interest from Senate Republicans to support important legislation aimed at reducing emissions from fossil fuels, the main driver of global warming, Manchin’s decision could easily destroy any chance that the United States will meet its climate goals and undermine the Biden administration as it negotiates with foreign governments. on climate policy, said McNamara and other nonpartisan advocates and analysts.

Dan Lashof, director of the World Resources Institute, USA, said in an interview that the Senate should not give up on passing a climate bill in Congress.

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