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Andrew Grimm PLAYING FOR A CAUSE – Catholic Central’s George Harris and Big Red’s Caleb Noble fight for the ball in Saturday’s game at Harding Stadium. The match was part of the ninth annual Together We Care football event to raise funds for the Cancer Dietary Initiative.

STEUBENVILLE – The Big Red boys’ soccer team controlled the ball and the game against rival Catholic Central.

Big Red scored two goals en route to shutout the Crusaders, 4-0, on Saturday afternoon in Game 3 of the “Together we care” football cancer benefit at the Reno Saccoccia Field inside Harding Stadium.

“We played extremely well” Big Red (6-5-3) head coach Greg Bowers said. “We did a good job shutting them down on the pitch. We played most of the game on our side of the pitch. We did a good job.

The Crusaders have struggled to score all season, and Catholic Central have struggled on the offense against their city nemesis.

“That sums up well” Catholic Central (4-5-2) head coach Steve Kopcha said. “We are not a team that can come from behind. We let a few marks slip away on this first goal.

“We came down, and that made it more difficult. We were under pressure and it was difficult to recover with our difficulties in scoring goals. Big Red applied a lot of defensive pressure.

Matt Loot scored two goals for Big Red, while Theo Loot and Nick Nurczyk each scored one. Matt Loot, Anthony Vendetti, Anthony Shevlin and Nurczyk all had an assist.

JP Walsh made two saves for the hosts.

Michael Duff finished with nine saves for Catholic Central.

“Michael is doing an exceptional job as a goalkeeper”, said Kopcha. “He works extremely hard with our defense. They are doing their best to keep us in the game.

Big Red has scored two goals in each half.

“We did a good job doing descents all down the line” said Bowers. “We were able to drive the ball deep and we were able to cross the ball. We just have to finish better. We will continue to work on this. “

Bowers said the Crusaders have made a change from what they normally do on the pitch.

“They moved (David) Kissinger outward trying to free up space,” he said. “Our wings did a good job. Our wingers did a good job in defense. We did not give them space to work.

Big Red and Catholic Central had similar game plans ahead of the game.

“The two teams are similar in what we want to do”, said Kopcha. “We want to get wide and cross it in the middle. They performed in the first half. They managed to open up space.

The event raises funds for the Cancer Dietary Initiative.

“It’s a big event,” said Kopcha. “The whole community came together. It’s good to be able to participate with the other schools. This event is getting bigger and bigger every year. The community is used to having this event, and they are responding to it. They are trying very hard and we are raising a lot of money. We are proud to have the opportunity to participate in the event.

The event continues to grow every year.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better day” said Bowers. “The weather is nice. The parents have done a great job of raising donations. This is the ninth year and the event just keeps getting better.

Big Red is set to play Dover on Monday at 6 p.m. at home on seniors’ night.

Catholic Central is scheduled to play at Oak Glen on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on the road.


Indian Creek boys’ football possessed the ball against Edison, and that possession paid off.

The Redskins netted two goals in each half en route to shutout the Wildcats 4-0 on Saturday morning in Game 1 of the event.

“I thought they were really playing” Indian Creek freshman head coach (4-4-3) Aaron Foldi said. “They played as a team. Our defense has been involved in our offense for the last two games. They did a good job.

“We had much better possession. We had better possession. We will continue to work on possession. We will work on it in training. We are going to do possession exercises.

“We once again had good direction. We had good communication.

Indian Creek scored their first goal less than three minutes into the game.

“We played very well” Edison’s head coach Chris Dopp said. “Both teams played well. The other team played their positions. She was very balanced.

“We were down 1-0 after three minutes. We lost 77 minutes. Our children persevered. I am proud of their efforts. We played a lot better in the second half. This third goal was the nail in the coffin.

“We played a lot better in the second half. We played with poise. We managed to chain the passes. We played with intensity and tenacity. When you put all of these pieces together, you play well. This third goal took us over. I give credit to Indian Creek for this.

Carson Copeland scored two goals to clear the way for the Redskins, Pasha Amis scored one goal and added two assists and Arnaud Schatz contributed one. In addition, Chase Hile had two assists, while Mitch Williams delivered one.

Trevor Francis ended the game with two saves for the winners.

“Our first year Chase Hile has stepped up”, Foldi said. “He played his role well. Travis Francis played very well in goal for the second game in a row. He’s a junior.

Liam Watson stopped eight shots on goal for the Wildcats.

“Edison put a lot of pressure on us at the start, and they continued to put pressure on us at the end of the game. “ Foldi said. “They played the whole game.

Indian Creek has scored two goals in each half.

“This is the first time that I participate in the event” said Dopp. “It’s wonderful. It’s wonderful. The camaraderie is beautiful. Everyone comes together for this. We are all rivals. We all put our differences aside. We put aside all the little things we think are important. We think all of these little things are important, but even that is important. That is what matters. We are all united for this. Cancer matters. The fight against cancer is important. “

It was the first time the two coaches had participated in Together We Care.

“This is the first time that I participate in this event” Foldi said. “This event is more important than football. It is a great event. It’s phenomenal for the kids.

Edison is scheduled to play at Oak Glen at 8 p.m. ET. Monday at home at the Edison Unified Sports Complex.

Indian Creek is scheduled to play Harrison Central at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Wagner Field.

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