China mobilizes resources for flood relief efforts

LAHORE: The Chinese Consulate in Lahore, together with the Chinese community in Lahore, has mobilized resources to help with flood relief and rehabilitation efforts. China also provided two batches of emergency humanitarian supplies in cash and in kind. Further assistance will follow accordingly, Chinese Consul General Lahore Zhao Shiren said during a webinar to commemorate the 71st anniversary of the establishment of Pak-China diplomatic relations, organized under the auspices of the Institute of International Relations and media research (IIRMR).

He said China has shown pain and sadness over the loss of life and property, expressing solidarity with Pakistan terribly affected by the flash floods. “Very soon, a new round of CPEC JCC meetings is to be convened and the agenda could address the implementation of framework agreements on industrial and agricultural cooperation and people’s livelihood projects,” he said. he declares.

The five CPEC-related mega-projects in Punjab, he said, are either successfully accomplished or achieving their pronounced goals, giving early harvests to mutual satisfaction. “Under the strategic guidance and strong leadership of President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Shehbaz, the CPEC process has been further accelerated with new speed in Pakistan, entering accelerated growth and expansion. The Karot hydropower station has started generating electricity, the development of Gwadar port has produced substantial progress with the operationalization of the East Bay highway,” he added. IIRMR President Muhammad Mehdi said, “Pakistan is currently suffering from a great natural calamity and “we are happy that our great friend and neighbor country, China, is always by our side in this difficult time. The messages sent by Chinese leaders at this difficult juncture are very encouraging for the nation of Pakistan. Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed solidarity and said China would continue to provide urgently needed aid (and) support Pakistan in its disaster relief work.

Professor Zhou Rong from the Chong Yong Institute of Renmin University said, “It is indeed a case of force majeure for Pakistan to suffer from the catastrophic flood this year, but China has also suffered great catastrophic floods or the biggest catastrophic floods over the years”. IIRMR President Yasir Habib Khan said China was among the key countries that showered all their support during flood-related rescue and relief operations in Pakistan. It is high time, during the commemoration of the 71st anniversary of Pak-China relations, to sign a new “CPEC Charter” to keep CPEC free from outside pressure and free from politicization as Pakistan has done in case nuclear program.

Lahore Chinese Overseas Association (LOCA) Chairman Luo Jianxue said that over the past 71 years, the Chinese and Pakistani people have sincerely helped each other.

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