AUSTIN– Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller reminded agricultural producers of the suspension of height and weight requirements for vehicles involved in agricultural activities that they may enjoy due to the drought and heat wave.

The state of Texas issued a disaster declaration on March 18 of this year and amended it on July 23, 2022 due to drought. This statement helps people involved in industries and professions that are part of the overall disaster relief effort, including farmers, ranchers, and businesses serving the farming community.

“With the drought and excessive heat wave continuing, farmers and herders will be carrying more supplies and equipment and having to drive further to get what they need; this is of course also due to the issues of supply chain that we all face Farmers and ranchers can now add more goods or products to each trip, which will help save on fuel consumption,” Miller said.

Examples of disaster assistance include, but are not limited to, vehicles engaged in transporting relief workers, food, hay, water, clothing, equipment, supplies medical supplies, materials, fuel, shelter and other supplies to the disaster area(s). , as well as vehicles used to restore utilities and to remove debris from the disaster area(s) listed in the disaster declaration.

“Many farmers and ranchers are forced to travel much longer distances than normal to buy hay and other supplies to feed horses and cattle, which can provide huge benefits. Given the challenges we are all facing as agricultural producers this year, I want everyone to be fully aware of these changes that can help save time and money in this difficult economic situation,” said Miller.

More details on the disaster declaration can be found at: Important Information for Motor Carriers (

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