COVID-19: Red Cross Red Crescent turns to animation to boost global vaccination effort

Clever social media video is part of latest efforts by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to convince world leaders, governments and big pharma to get more COVID vaccines to countries with low rates immunization in Asia and the Pacific.

The animation comes in the form of a nature documentary that examines how humanity is coping with the global pandemic and why vaccines are essential to controlling COVID-19.

“Until the majority of humans are vaccinated, the virus will continue to spread and mutate, creating new variants that may evade the vaccine completely,” says a resonant voice reminiscent of David Attenborough in the 90s animation. seconds. “The only hope for humans is to share the vaccine among themselves.”

A new analysis from the IFRC reveals that nearly one billion people in Asia and the Pacific have yet to receive a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Worldwide, less than 20% of the population received a single dose in low-income countries, according to Oxford University’s “Our World in Data.”

John Fleming, IFRC Asia-Pacific Health Officer, said:

“The COVID vaccine has saved millions of lives, but too many people are still living in danger.

“If we are to end this pandemic once and for all, we must urgently respond to hesitation in every country, strengthen local delivery to get doses into weapons, and transfer vaccine and antiviral drug technology to manufacturers in low-income countries.

“There has been remarkable cooperation between countries around the world, but this pandemic is not over, and much greater action is needed from rich country leaders and pharmaceutical companies to enable equal access to vaccines for all the peoples of the world”.

The animation video highlights the need to urgently distribute vaccines to the poorest countries. The video can be viewed and downloaded here.

The IFRC is asking people to simply click “share this video” until it reaches policy makers, pharmaceutical companies and government authorities.

His message is simple: people everywhere can take action to vaccinate everyone in every corner of the globe by calling on their governments to help. Help is needed to ensure the supply of vaccines to low-income countries as well as to get those vaccines from the tarmac into the arms of people. The sooner we do this, the safer everyone will be.

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