Drop, cover and hold on! LA prepares for the next big earthquake – NBC Los Angeles

Waiting for the “big” is a way of life in Southern California.

Ever since a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Ridgecrest in the Mojave Desert, many Southlanders have wondered if their neighborhood will be at the epicenter of the next quake.

Every third Thursday in October, millions of people around the world take part in the International ShakeOut Day exercises. This year, the American Red Cross of the Los Angeles area hosted Exercise Great ShakeOut at Santa Monica College to share lifesaving advice.

Experts say it’s important for people to take action as soon as they feel the floor and furniture shaking, experts say.

“By the time the shaking starts – a few seconds later – it’s going to get very powerful,” says Lance Webster of Earthquake Country Alliance Southern California. “You will be thrown against the wall or a table. You will break a wrist or have a concussion. You will be useless.”

Webster also says that “drop, cover and hold on” is more than the slogan of the ShakeOut event: taking cover can save many lives in emergency situations.

“Letting go is so important. When you go down you cannot be knocked down. If it is possible to take cover, it will protect you from falling objects.

Visit shakeout.org to learn more about what you, your family or co-workers can do to be safe in the event of an earthquake.

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