Evîn Cuma: Turkey must stop using water as a weapon of war against populations

The Turkish state and its mercenaries are attacking northern and eastern Syria in all sorts of ways. They use water as a weapon against the population by continuously cutting off the water coming from the Alouk water station, leaving thousands of people without water in Hesekê.

In its August 22 statement, the Hesekê Canton Assembly criticized the silence of international human rights organizations on the violations committed by the Turkish state and warned of the seriousness of the situation.

Evîn Cuma, a board member of the Cizre Region Human Rights Association, told ANHA that there was a drinking water problem at the water station in Cizre. Alouk since the Turkish state occupied Serêkaniyê in 2019, and added: “More than a million people have had their right to access to drinking water denied. This puts the lives of the inhabitants of the region in danger. »

Evîn Cuma added: “According to international law aimed at protecting civilians from war, this situation is considered a war crime.

Stressing that diseases have increased in many places, especially in refugee camps, due to water shortage, Evîn Cuma said: “Hol, Serêkaniyê and Washûkanî camps are in these areas. The shortage of drinking water represents a danger both for the refugees and for the general public. Buying water is also a risky situation because this water is not fit for consumption as drinking water.

Cuma drew attention to the diminishing hours of electricity and water supplied by the Euphrates Dam, and added, “Electricity supply hours are limited. Most of the available electricity is reserved for the Alouk station. But despite this, more than half of the agreed amount is cut.

According to the agreement between the Turkish state and the government of Damascus, 500 cubic meters of water per second must be transported to Syria. But for more than a year, this flow has been reduced to 200 cubic meters.

Cuma said: “The Euphrates water problem has been going on for years between Syria, Iraq and Turkey. The agreement is not respected and the price of water decreases. Over 7 million people live off the water of the Euphrates. Likewise, agriculture, electricity and water stations also benefit from the water of the Euphrates. All of this is now over. »

Cuma called on the International Committee of the Red Cross, the UN and regional guarantor powers to pressure the Turkish state to stop using water as a weapon of war against the people.

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