From chickens to rockets, Flagler students have an educational source

You never know what you’ll find on our campuses as spring approaches. There are many learning opportunities around every corner.

Belle Terre Primary School

It’s that time of year again. The freshman classes of Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Holley and Mrs. DiGuglielmo raise chickens and ducklings in their bedrooms! Mrs. Holley has 20 chicken eggs. Mrs. D has about 25 chicken eggs of all kinds. Mrs. Howard has 15 duckling eggs. We use our scientific observation skills as they grow inside the egg. The students are super excited that hatching is coming in a few days!

Matanzas High School

On April 4, several Matanzas High School students participated in the WISER (Women in Science at Embry Riddle) competition. Ms. Elizabeth Caoili’s freshman team won second place in the competition, with each student winning a $3,000 scholarship for Embry Riddle. Congratulation to: Kendall Blaise, Devon Hoffman, Cristina Heartz, Violetta Kinsha and Laurel Amatea. Ms. Khady Harmon’s team won third place, with each student winning a $2,000 scholarship for Embry Riddle. Congratulation to Karissa Jackson, Emelia Kern, Joann Thankam Ritz and sierra howard!

Rymfire Elementary School

Our Rymfire Roadrunners are currently in the middle of a food drive to support the Grace Community Food Pantry. The campaign runs until April 21. The Food Pantry supports local families in our school and community. Families can support this effort by asking your students to bring non-perishable food items to be collected from each class. The class that collects the most food items will win an ice cream party. Thank you in advance for helping our students learn in a way that they can support our surrounding community.

Indian Trails Middle School students Daniela Mendez and Stephan Drew-Kulik recognized for outstanding contributions to Veterans of Foreign Wars "patriot pen" competition.

Indian Trails High School

Two ITMS students, Daniela Mendez and Stephan Drew-Kulikwere awarded and recognized for their outstanding contributions to the “Patriot’s Pen” competition for Veterans of Foreign Wars this year.

The essay contest encourages young minds to examine America’s history, as well as their own experiences in modern American society, by writing a 300-400 word essay, expressing their opinions on a patriotic theme chosen by the commander. chief of the VFW.

Matanzas High School

A one-time fundraiser will be held on our campus on April 20 inside the MHS cafeteria. All our service clubs have come together to organize a fundraising evening for the benefit of Ukraine. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the quiz will run between 6 and 8 p.m. A $10 admission fee will be collected and we will have door prizes and quizzes to award. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross and used for relief efforts in Ukraine.

Wadsworth Primary School

Wadsworth students got front row seats to watch the Falcon 9 launch of Axiom Space’s Ax-1 mission to the International Space Station from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center last week! This mission is the first fully private manned spaceflight mission to the International Space Station. The Ax-1 crew will participate in educational activities and conduct innovative research experiments in the orbiting laboratory. What an exciting event to attend!

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