From climate reporting to climate commitment (#COP27)

Panelists will highlight the importance of journalism, education, and cross-sectoral outreach efforts in the fight against climate change, derived from multi-format rainforest journalism by Pulitzer Center Fellows and grantees on endemic deforestation, l lack of safeguarding of indigenous communities, as well as on the ground. carbon market developments.

This session showcases the power of rainforest journalism to inspire engagement and action from educational communities and civil society groups to address the climate crisis in the South, accelerating climate goals actions, as well as than by exposing social injustice in the process of reducing climate change.

About the speakers:

  • Bagja Hidayat is a member of the Pulitzer Center’s Rainforest Investigations Network. Since 2001, Bagja Hidayat has been the editor of the investigative bureau of Tempo, a leading political and business magazine in Indonesia. Additionally, he has been the editor of Forest Digest, an environmental magazine, since 2016. He graduated from IPB University Faculty of Forestry in 2000 and Binus Business School in 2018 with a Masters in Business Management .
  • Flora Pereira is the director of international education and outreach at the Pulitzer Center. Flora is a specialist in research, education and strategic communication, focusing primarily on social and environmental issues. Before joining the Center, she worked as Senior Manager of Dialogo Brasil/Climate Land Use Alliance, where she was responsible for the coordination of multi-interdisciplinary teams.
  • Edilma Prada Cespedes is a Pulitzer Center Fellow and investigative journalist with postgraduate studies in human rights, peace, culture, and international humanitarian law. She has 20 years of experience in the fields of human rights, armed conflict, indigenous peoples, Mother Earth, borders, peace and the environment. She is the founder and director of the independent media Agenda Propia She is also a producer of multimedia journalism projects and documentaries. She is currently a Fellow of the Amazon Rainforest Journalism Fund at the Pulitzer Center and a Fellow of the International Women’s Media Foundation. She has worked as a consultant and journalist for the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) on illegal timber trafficking and deforestation in the Colombian Amazon region.

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