How Drivers Should Prepare For Icy Roads Over New Years’ Weekend


As you refuel the car for your vacation plans, you may want to include an ice scraper and other items to help you survive the harsh winter weather.

ABC Stormtrack’s weather team issued a daytime weather alert for winter storms on Saturday. The possibility of freezing rain or snow could lead to icy roads as early as Friday midnight. For this reason, the American Red Cross recommends that drivers create emergency winter kits and be prepared for the possibility of being stuck on frozen roads.

Missouri State Highway Patrol encourages drivers to stay home unless absolutely necessary during the winter storm.

“Current weather reports show the weather will deteriorate dramatically on Friday night and last until Sunday morning,” said Corporal Kyle Green of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. “With temperatures dropping as the rain moves through the area, snow and ice are likely to form, which can make travel dangerous. “

Susan Watson, of the American Red Cross in Central and Northern Missouri, said anyone driving this weekend should prepare for the worst. Watson said the roads are unpredictable and drivers can be caught in stationary traffic in freezing temperatures.

“The main thing is really to start thinking about what happens if you get stuck in a line of traffic that needs to sit for a while or if for some reason your car doesn’t run and you have to stay. warm, ”Watson said.

Here is a list of some things the Red Cross suggests to take in your car:

  • Ice scraper
  • Drums
  • Jump cables
  • Bottled water, non-perishable foods
  • Additional blankets, gloves, sweaters, hats, scarves
  • Flash light
  • Battery operated radio
  • Sand or cat litter
  • Any medicines you may need
  • First aid kit

Watson also recommends that drivers keep their gas tanks full this weekend and check the tire treads before setting off.

“You might find yourself stuck in a situation where you’ve been sitting on the freeway for quite a long time and it consumes that fuel before you can get to the next gas station,” Watson said. “Make sure your tires are in good shape because obviously when we go out on icy or slippery roads, that’s when the tire tread really matters. “

Holiday weekends usually result in increased traffic. The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s vacation tally for the New Years 2022 began at 6 p.m. Thursday. On the first night of the countdown, the Highway Patrol recorded six accidents.

During last year’s enumeration period, Highway Patrol was involved in 1,247 crashes. Six accidents were fatal.

Road patrol and the Red Cross encourage drivers to leave earlier, especially in bad weather, to avoid dangerous driving practices like speeding.

The Jefferson City Police Department shared safety tips for drivers ahead of the holiday weekend.

“Overall, you want to be very careful with inclement weather,” Lt. David Williams said in a press release. “Slow down, avoid sudden braking or sharp turns, and allow sufficient stopping distance between yourself and the cars in front of you. Be careful of emergency vehicles and clearing equipment as they need more space to operate. safely.”

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