Humanitarian crisis in Ukraine: Singapore Red Cross sends third tranche of aid; A team of 2 people arrives in Europe – Ukraine

  • SRC pledges additional aid of S$1,120,000, focused on medical and first aid supplies
  • RSC will further support the work of the Ukrainian Red Cross to help devastated communities
  • The 2-person SRC team arrives in Europe today, to oversee the relief efforts supported by the SRC

April 5, 2022 – In its third tranche of humanitarian aid to support Ukrainian refugees, the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has pledged an additional S$1.12 million for medical and first aid kits, medical equipment and medicine for diseases scarce, hygiene and basic necessities. Meanwhile, the SRC has deployed a two-person team on assignment to countries neighboring Ukraine that host the majority of refugees, including Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia, to oversee the humanitarian response and distributing aid from the people of Singapore to the SRC’s humanitarian response in Ukraine, and exploring opportunities to expand our operations. The team arrived in Hungary yesterday and will work closely with humanitarian partners on the ground to support the growing refugee crisis.

Following the devastation of Ukrainian communities, the need for humanitarian assistance in Ukraine has increased dramatically, and the Ukrainian Red Cross has stepped up its response in very difficult circumstances. The SRC has therefore committed another tranche of USD 100,000 to the Ukrainian Red Cross, to support its response to the affected communities, including the distribution of medicine, first aid kits, food, hygiene products, etc. .

“The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is catastrophic and continues to worsen. Our latest tranche of aid reflects our top priority, which is to help the most vulnerable people, including children and young people, women with infants and young children, the elderly, patients with rare diseases and disabled people. In addition to supporting the provision of immediate emergency assistance, we will continue to focus on basic needs, emergency shelter, protection, health, water, sanitation, hygiene and psychosocial support,” said Mr. Benjamin William, Secretary General/CEO of Singapore Red Traverser.

The SRC is also in close contact with the Ukrainian Club of Singapore, Ukrainians living in Singapore, as well as Singaporeans living in and around Ukraine, to facilitate the work of the SRC on the ground. The Singapore Red Cross and the Ukrainian Club are working together to deliver up to 3,000 medical kits to Ukrainian cities from Polish borders.

“The Ukrainian Club is pleased to be able to work with the Singapore Red Cross to provide humanitarian assistance to people in need in Ukraine and neighboring countries. This medical kit delivery project is timely given the large number of injured civilians requiring urgent medical attention. We look forward to continuing to partner with the SRC to facilitate these critical humanitarian response efforts,” said Dr. Galyna Kogut, President of the Ukrainian Club of Singapore.

The latest installment follows the first tranche of RSC aid worth $100,000, which arrived in Ukraine on March 4 and was distributed by the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) as part of their ongoing response; and its second, worth S$2.4 million on March 10, to help Ukrainians in the country and six neighboring countries – Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Moldova and Romania. This brings the total disbursement to S$3.66 million. (Details in appendix).

At least 80 individuals and groups have volunteered to raise funds and support the RSC’s public fundraising appeal, benefiting affected communities in and around Ukraine. To date, more than S$6 million has been raised, within five weeks of the start of the appeal on February 25.

The Red Cross Movement continues to play an important and active role in and around Ukraine. The Ukrainian Red Cross provided assistance to more than 400,000 people in March and continues to carry out its operations in the country to help vulnerable people. The Red Cross supports three logistics pipelines to Ukraine in Lviv, Uzhhorod and Chernivtsi and provides emergency support in technical areas. Medical supplies, food and relief items are continuously being deployed across the country through various locations, to meet soaring humanitarian needs. The presence and humanitarian work of the Red Cross in crisis situations aims to help and protect civilians, doctors, humanitarian workers, the wounded and prisoners of war, without distinction of race, language, religion , nationality and warring factions. Neutral and impartial humanitarian action must be respected.

The Singapore Red Cross has also activated its Restoring Family Links (RFL) service to help Singapore residents locate immediate family members who may have been affected by the disasters they are struggling to enter. in touch.

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