Japan Cartoonists Association launches charity to support Ukraine

The Japan Cartoonists’ Association recently launched an online charity auction to support those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The charity was first proposed by Ashita no Joe designer Tetsuya Chiba. The Association of Japanese Cartoonists previously released an official statement regarding the invasion of Ukraine, saying it wanted a speedy end to the armed conflict. At that time, over a hundred manga creators joined the effort.

Japan Cartoonists Charitable Association

The list of manga creators now includes The attack of the Titans Hajime Isayama, Made in the Abyss’ Akihito Tsukushi, and Hajime no Ippo’s Jyoji Morikawa. Each of the 146 cards is themed around peace and will be announced in three installments. Proceeds will then be donated to the international humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières.

In setting up the charity, Chiba said he wanted to create pieces to express things in a way that even children can understand. He goes on to say, “I want people to understand that this is the result of war, and what needs to be done to prevent it from happening.” At a time, Hajime no Ippo’s Morikawa commented, “I want people to feel that peace is good; I want people to accept our art that way.

Japan Cartoonist Association: The New Entertainment Helping Ukraine Aid

The Japan Cartoonist Association is not the first entertainment outlet to set up a charity to help those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. In March, Itch.io curated a bundle of 991 indie games, soundtracks, and tools for a minimum donation of $10. Funds created from this package have been earmarked for relief efforts in Ukraine. Currently, this bundle has ended on March 18, 2022, with over US$6 million raised.

Japan Cartoonists Charitable Association

The Japan Cartoonist Association auction will run until October 23. Further details about the auction, authors and release times can be found on the official website. At the time, there is no list of translated versions on the website.

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