Kevin Durant hilariously trolls a fan asking him to highlight ‘$10 million plus philanthropy’ to fix his image

Kevin Durant is a demon on Twitter. He always has the perfect answer to everything, and that trend didn’t stop when a fan tried to help him out.

Durant has drawn a lot of flak recently with all the drama the Brooklyn Nets have been through. After rumors that Kyrie Irving was leaving the team, the star point guard surprisingly opted for his player option, wanting to hold on in Brooklyn.

Things seemed to stabilize in Brooklyn after this move. It looked like Kyrie was ready to make it work with KD and Ben Simmons for at least a year.

However, Durant ruined all of those plans when he demanded a trade from the team. Plans then began to emerge to buy Kyrie Irving as well and blow up the whole team.

Durant had already earned a bad reputation when he joined the Golden State Warriors in 2016, but this request further lowered his reputation.

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Kevin Durant searches a fan who tries to help him

Twitter is a sacred place for Kevin Durant. He’s already found ways to ruin people with as little as four to five words. Durant’s trend has continued recently.

A fan reached out to him, offering help in fixing Durant’s negative image by highlighting some of his philanthropic work that doesn’t get much attention. Durant quickly told the “kid” to beat him.

Yeah. Even when you’re trying to help Durant, you might fall victim to his vicious Twitter trolls. However, this fan may have gotten something.

Durant does a lot of charitable work through his organization, the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation, and often it doesn’t get highlighted in the media.

He donated $10 million to help his hometown children attend college in partnership with Prince George’s County Public Schools and College Track, an after-school program that helps underprivileged children get into college. university.

Durant also gave $1 million to the Red Cross for tornado relief, an additional $1 million to fight social justice, and he donated $3 million to the University of Texas, his Alma mater, to help their basketball program.

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