New FEMA location at Beach Baptist Church on Fort Myers Beach


A new FEMA site is opening at Beach Baptist Church on Fort Myers Beach.

Saturday is the first day FEMA is at the new location and they will be there from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for any support questions.

FEMA also announced that federal support for hurricane recovery now totals more than $1 billion.

FEMA spokesman Mike Wade said, “We have what we call our Disaster Survivor Assistance Team. And they’re there to log people who view their record, update it, or provide feedback to the survivor. They are unable to take documents and things like that are full disaster recovery centers.

Ron Fleming visited the center today and his Fort Myers beach house is a total loss.

“Hopefully within a year I can get back to FEMA, which provides disaster assistance and relocation assistance, and they help with rent and that kind of stuff. But sometimes the answers you get are contradicted by another agency. So it’s very confusing. And I mean, I’m old, but I’m not that old, it’s confusing. And people who have a problem and who have been through this terrible tragedy and lost loved ones,” Flemings said.

Flemings said he can see why it would be hard for people to really understand what’s going on.

“It’s quite devastating. When you compare it to other things, but at the same time, for you and me, if something happens to you during this, no matter how insignificant to others, it’s important for So we’re looking at that and trying to provide that level of assistance to everyone, regardless of income level, regardless of damage, but we can provide assistance based on their own needs and what that our programs can provide,” Wade said.

Christopher Donovan stopped by the site to ask a few questions, but says he didn’t get far with other nearby FEMA sites.

“My best friend was with me while I was in the middle of the island, and we were here through the whole hurricane, ‘his mother must live on Smit Island, his brother has a house, they were all destroyed, my house was destroyed. Luckily, I survived. We both survived. For the first three days, no one was there. It’s like no one was helping anyone. You know, FEMA put everything on up and people are walking around. But nobody’s helping anybody. The first few days there was no food or water, and still like, it’s really the charities doing all the work,” Donovan said. .

“I was told I didn’t witness this, but FEMA will walk you through it step by step. And hopefully they pave the way for the feds and FEMA and get them here. Keep it up.” them here because it will take years to get rid of all the debris and so I hope they stay and continue the cleanup after the disaster and bring Fort Myers Beach back to where we all want it to be. my house,” Flemings said.

FEMA has provided more than $564 million in individual assistance to jump-start recovery for survivors. A FEMA representative said they would be staying at this location at Beach Baptist Church.

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