Possible strike by the American Red Cross

(WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has learned of a possible strike by American Red Cross workers.

So we have studied what this could mean for you.

Teamsters Union workers could leave work at the end of the month. The Teamsters just gave official notice to the Red Cross.

The union tells us that new contract negotiations with the Red Cross have failed. Teamsters workers collect the blood and get it to where it needs to go.

Carl Pecoraro runs Teamsters 507. He told us it involves about 140 workers in northeast Ohio.

“We represent people in all aspects of the blood supply chain. We want to keep our people working. We don’t want to affect the public,” he said. “The Teamsters touch, one way or another, about 30% of the blood supply in the United States. We are ready to return to the table. I think there is urgency on our part.

In the meantime, the American Red Cross released the following statement:

“The American Red Cross has been advised that Teamsters members may begin a work stoppage on March 31 if a contractual agreement cannot be reached by then. The action would disrupt the already vulnerable supply of life-saving blood products that patients depend on, with more than 100,000 at-risk donations nationwide in April alone. We have a long history of working with our union partners to resolve complex issues and remain committed to negotiating in good faith to achieve the best possible deal for the organization and our valued employees. We have presented mutually beneficial proposals, offering opportunities to raise wages and maintain generous health benefits. Together, the Red Cross and the Teamsters have reached tentative agreements on many terms and conditions of employment through productive and good faith negotiations. We hope the Teamsters will return to the bargaining table in good faith and continue negotiations with us. We recognize that contract negotiations are often heated and that informational picketing can occur as part of the negotiation process. The Red Cross greatly values ​​its employees whose compassion and hard work help those in need every day. As a non-profit humanitarian organization, the Red Cross remains focused on achieving its mission for the patients across the country who rely on us to provide vital blood. Although this advisory does not guarantee that a work stoppage will occur, the Red Cross has plans in place to continue to meet the blood needs of hospitals and patients if a strike occurs. The Red Cross provides around 40% of the country’s blood, so it is extremely important that we maintain a readily available blood supply for patients who need it.

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