Sean McVay still high on Tutu Atwell: ‘He looked really good’

Most Los Angeles Rams fans have set their expectations for Tutu Atwell low this year. After a disappointing rookie season in which he caught no passes and played just 10 offensive snaps, the former second-round pick failed to impress the freshman.

As 2022 approaches, he’s still buried on the depth chart behind Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson and Van Jefferson, but his trainer isn’t giving up on him yet. Asked about young players who could step in next season, Sean McVay told us via Zoom that he was impressed with Atwell in the offseason program as he returned from a shoulder injury that ended to his rookie year earlier.

“I think that’s still to be determined,” McVay said of who might take on bigger roles. “I was really encouraged by guys who were able to step up last year and play big roles. But when you look at that, Tutu Atwell is a guy who got injured. I think he had the This offseason program is looking really good so far.

Atwell will not be given an attacking role under any circumstances. He’ll have to earn it because the Rams have great depth at wide receiver, and they still want to bring Odell Beckham Jr. back, too. But McVay isn’t just going to stick Atwell on the bench without trying to create chances for him.

Atwell was a big part of the Rams’ attempt to find a deep threat last offseason, and he could still be that guy after it didn’t work out with DeSean Jackson in 2021. McVay is still high on Atwell and don’t close the book on him yet.

“I still believe Tutu can be that guy,” McVay said. “And DeSean has done some really good things for us. I didn’t do a good enough job of involving him as much as he could have been. But the book is by no means written about Tutu Atwell. He injured his shoulder. He looks really good. He did a great job responding in the right way.

Van Jefferson naturally became the Rams’ deep threat last season, leading the team with an average of 16 yards per catch. He was Matthew Stafford’s go-to target on field shots, which resulted in a bunch of big plays.

Atwell may be the Rams’ fastest offensive player, having run 4.42 on the 40-yard sprint last year. This type of speed can overpower the defense and stretch the field vertically – if he can better understand the game at wide receiver and contribute in other ways.

McVay joined Rams Wire via Zoom last week through his partnership with Campbell’s Chunky Soup, with the two parties teaming up to help those suffering from the war in Ukraine. McVay and Campbell’s are donating $50,000 to the American Red Cross to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, a cause very important to McVay and his fiancée, who is from Ukraine.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit the American Red Cross website at

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