Singapore Red Cross Aid Arrives in Ukraine, Appeal Raises Around S$2 Million


The Ukrainian Red Cross has been providing “life-saving assistance” to those affected by the ongoing conflict, the Singapore Red Cross has said.

More than 30,000 people are already receiving humanitarian aid from the Red Cross stock, which includes hygiene and food kits, as well as warm clothing and medicine.

Ukrainian Red Cross rapid response units are also helping state firefighters and emergency services repair damage to civilian buildings and infrastructure, saving more than 50 lives.

In addition, they work at “congested border crossing points”, where they organize places for mothers and children, provide basic necessities – such as water, food and hygiene items – and help to evacuate civilians from the places where the bombardments take place.

They are also organizing “collection points for basic necessities in the regions to be delivered to those who need them now”, as well as the distribution of food and water to the 8,000 people taking refuge in the metro stations of Kyiv and to the 4,000 people housed in shelters in the city of Mariupol.

“Red Cross Societies from neighboring countries such as Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Hungary and Slovakia provided humanitarian aid at the border, distributing food, water, non-food items, hygiene products and communication services, where more than 500,000 people have fled Ukraine,” said the Singapore Red Cross.

Mr William added that their team was “working closely with the Ukrainian Red Cross, the IFRC and other National Societies to provide assistance to meet the most urgent needs”.

“Much of the focus will be on vulnerable people, including children (many of whom are unaccompanied), single women with children, the elderly and people with disabilities,” he said.

“The combination of active and bloody conflict, extreme cold and COVID-19 means that for people in conflict regions and those who have been displaced from their homes (already over a million), coming days will be a struggle for survival.

“Basic needs continue to increase day by day. It is only through the collaborative effort of many parties, including us in Singapore, that we can respond effectively to the needs of affected individuals and communities.

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