SunLive – Sell T-shirts to help Ukraine

New Zealand International Red Cross member Ron Chamberlain sells t-shirts to raise money for the Ukrainian people.

The 84-year-old man from Tauranga is very keen on doing whatever he can to help Ukrainians because of his experiences with the war.

“Seeing the bombs fall in Glasgow during World War II was a big motivation for me to help people in those situations,” says Ron.

He has designed printable shirts with company EmbroidMe and hopes to sell at least 1,000 shirts locally at $45 each.

The T-shirt features a drawing of a Red Cross dog from 1917 during World War I. Ron hopes that by publicizing his project, the community will help him help those in need in Ukraine.

“The plan is to sell as many T-shirts as possible to New Zealanders who are worried about the men, women and children who die from the antics of a madman.”

“I would like to collect $10,000 for the International Red Cross to donate to Ukraine, without a penny for the administration.”

“It’s a bit sad when other countries do the same, I think people should do more, by doing this I’m trying to add a bit more.”

To order a T-shirt and help raise funds for Ukrainians contact Ron on 07 570 1933.

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