The political deadlock in Haiti remains persistent and worrying

Thank you, Mr President, and I add my congratulations to Ireland for a very successful Presidency in September and to Kenya for assuming the Presidency this month. Thank you SRSG for your useful update and all your hard work during this difficult time in Haiti.

The UK commends the activities of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH), particularly in its efforts to facilitate a unified approach to Haiti’s multifaceted challenges. And thank you, Ms. Douyon, for sharing your important point of view on the ground, and welcome the Minister to be with us today.

We remain deeply concerned about the political, social and humanitarian challenges that Haiti continues to face, and we are fully aware of the impact this has on the Haitian population. The assassination of President Moïse was a heinous act, and we continue to call for the perpetrators of this crime to be brought to justice.

Haiti is also recovering from the far-reaching implications of the recent earthquake, which has only added additional tension and stress to a government struggling to meet the needs of its people. We welcome the rapid international response and will continue to coordinate with our partners to provide relief, including through our initial support of $ 1.35 million to Haiti. This is in addition to the UK’s contributions to the UN Central Emergency Response Fund and the Red Cross. The Royal Navy ship – RFA Wave Knight – also supported United States humanitarian relief work. We urge the international community to support Haiti at this difficult time and encourage all parties to work closely with the international community to provide urgent assistance to those in need.

The political stalemate in Haiti remains persistent and worrying. We call on all political actors to find common ground in order to find a way for Haiti to organize safe and successful elections, and to fight for political advancement. The UK encourages all actors to work constructively for a peaceful and democratic solution for the people of Haiti.

We share the Secretary-General’s concern about the deteriorating human rights situation, in particular the increase in kidnappings and gang-related violence. Perpetrators of human rights abuses risk undermining prospects for political progress while endangering the lives of Haitians. Of particular concern are reports of aid convoys looted en route to the earthquake-affected areas. We welcome the UN’s support for community violence reduction and peacebuilding to help address these security challenges, as mentioned by the SRSG.

Finally, we also remain troubled by the particular vulnerabilities women and children face – the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically amplified the threats to their health and economic well-being. We thank the SRSG for their briefing to the Informal Expert Group on Women, Peace and Security, which provided insight into the disproportionate impact that the multiple crises in Haiti have had on women and girls. The UK encourages all actors to work constructively and cooperatively with the international community and BINUH to find solutions to the root causes of these crises and support Haiti’s development.

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