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Farmers and ranchers in Oregon who suffered financial losses due to various natural disasters in 2021 can apply for assistance from the Oregon Disaster Assistance Program (ODAP).

In December 2021, the Oregon Legislature granted the ODA legal authority and $40 million to establish a disaster relief program.

According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA), applications will be available beginning Monday, May 9.

Local banks and credit unions familiar with agriculture will administer ODAP statewide. For a list of partners and a sample application, visit the ODAP webpage. Applications will be available until June 3, 2022.

“Oregon farmers and ranchers are used to dealing with issues beyond their control,” said ODA Director Alexis Taylor. “But the string of natural disasters, where historic drought conditions were compounded by record heat, smoke from wildfires, early winter storm damage and pest infestation in 2021, has been challenging. to absorb for any producer”

In December 2021, the Oregon Legislature granted the ODA legal authority and $40 million to establish a disaster relief program. ODA designed ODAP as a forgivable loan with stakeholders and industry partners.

The program calculates assistance to eligible Oregon farmers and ranchers for loss of gross farm income. The ODAP is based on tax returns from 2017, 2018 and 2019 to establish a 3-year baseline of what a producer could have expected in terms of farm income without the effects of the disaster. Using the producer’s 2021 gross farm income, the difference between the 2021 income and the 3-year baseline is considered a natural disaster loss.

The maximum assistance is $125,000 or 90% of the three-year baseline. Additionally, producers who meet the USDA’s definition of a historically underserved producer or who have less than $350,000 in gross revenue may be eligible for up to $150,000 or 95% of the base reference over three years.

Assistance will be forfeited unless the grower receives additional funds under ODAP and certain United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) disaster assistance. ). USDA FSA Disaster Assistance will be reported for redetermination for any refund or forgiveness. Depending on the funds available, ODAP may make a second round of requests.

Taylor thanked the leadership of the Oregon Legislative Assembly and Governor Kate Brown for recognizing the immediate need and providing the funding to help producers stay in business and fill the gaps left by other federal disaster programs.

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