Ukrainian-Canadians are disappointed with the Red Cross

ICRC urges Canada not to mix aid pledges to Ukraine with military support and sanctions — March 27

Many Ukrainian Canadians are concerned about the way the Canadian Red Cross is carrying out its humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine. If the director of operations of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Dominik Stillhart, wanted to address some of these concerns, he failed miserably.

Just one example: in reference to the Canadian-Ukrainian diaspora, Stillhart notes that “for them it is obviously difficult to understand (neutrality) because they feel attacked (sic) and neutrality is a difficult concept if you are attacked”.

It’s hard to imagine a more condescending and condescending comment. Canadian Ukrainians are upset, but not because they are “attacked” (whatever that means) and have difficulty understanding the concept of neutrality. On the contrary, many have family members and friends who have been killed, injured or displaced by a bloody and senseless war, the result of Vladimir Putin’s irrational obsession with controlling Ukraine.

Neighboring countries have done a lot to help Ukrainians cross their borders. However, international organisations, including the Red Cross, have done far too little to help the huge number (around 10 million) of internally displaced Ukrainians who find themselves in very difficult and dangerous circumstances. It does not help when a public servant denigrates his concerns.

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