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ATHENS, Georgia – USDA Agricultural Services Agency (FSA) State Executive Director Arthur Tripp recently visited with members of the South Georgia Black Cattlemen’s Association to discuss the progress of agriculture in Georgia, FSA program eligibility, and disaster recovery assistance for livestock producers, including recent increases. in Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) payout rates and Livestock Fourage Disaster Program (LFP) eligibility.

“Our visit to the South Georgia Black Cattlemen’s Association was instrumental in our efforts to inform cattle ranchers across Georgia of the various FSA programs and loans available to help them recover from drought and other natural disasters. “, Tripp said. “A lot of people don’t realize the many ways we can help them. It is vitally important that we have these conversations with growers so that we can work together to ensure agriculture remains Georgia’s number one industry.

LFP is one of several disaster relief programs available to cattle farmers, the FSA said in a press release. The LFP provides payments to eligible livestock producers and contract farmers who also produce forage crops for grazing and who have incurred losses due to qualifying drought during the normal grazing period for the county. To date, seven Georgia counties have reached drought severity levels that trigger LFP eligibility for the 2022 program year. Eligible counties are: Bulloch, Bryan, Chatham, Effingham, Long, Liberty, and McIntosh .

To expedite the application process, producers are encouraged to gather and submit documentation documenting 2022 losses. Supporting documentation may include information related to grazing leases, contractual agreements with producers, etc. Eligible growers are encouraged to contact their local FSA office to schedule an appointment to apply for LFP drought recovery assistance. The deadline to apply for LFP aid 2022 is January 30, 2023. See the LFP sheet.

Another USDA disaster relief program available to cattle producers is the Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP). The LIP provides benefits to livestock owners and certain contracted ranchers for livestock deaths in excess of normal mortality due to qualifying adverse weather events, certain losses from predation, and reduced sale prices due to injury resulting from an eligible loss. Benefits are paid at a rate of 75% of the market value of the livestock on the day before the date of death.

Recently, the USDA increased the LIP payment rates for cattle, beef, bison, and dairy animals under 250 pounds to better reflect the substantial increase in the cost of these non-adult animals in 2022. new payment rates include:

• Non-adult beef, less than 250 pounds: old rate – $175.27 New rate – $474.38

• Non-adult Befalo under 250 pounds: old rate – $235.86 New rate – $559.20

• Non-adult Buffalo/Bison under 250 pounds: Old rate – $336.84 New rate – $559.15 • Non-adult dairy products under 250 pounds: Old rate – $45.32 New rate – $255.47 $

For more details on eligibility and payment rates, you can consult the LIP Fact Sheet.

Except under certain loss conditions, drought is not an eligible adverse weather event for LIP benefits, but growers should consult their local FSA staff for further information and to determine eligibility for LIP and other disaster relief for livestock.

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